The 2023 Asia Amusement&Attractions Expo Will Be Held From May 10 to 12 2023
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The 2023 Asia Amusement&Attractions Expo Will Be Held From May 10 to 12 2023

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Author : Robert.Lee
Update time : 2023-04-24 16:15:42

As the important theme exhibition of the World Cultural and Tourism Industry Expo, the Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo (AAA) has successfully held 18 sessions, with up to 600,000 square meters of exhibition area, nearly 2,000 participating companies, and 600,000 visitors. AAA has formed close cooperation with over 50 global scenic spot associations, tourism associations, entertainment associations, cultural tourism alliances, and amusement alliances, providing exhibition opportunities, business opportunities, and significant trade effects for the leisure and entertainment industry.

The 2023 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo is scheduled to be held on May 10th-12th, 2023 at the China Import and Export Complex in Guangzhou, with a planned exhibition area of 130,000 square meters, 6,500 booths, and 1,500 participating suppliers, product and service providers, and project planning managers from indoor playgrounds, theme parks, scenic area equipment, cultural tourism and other fields. The expo aims to attract 120,000 visitors and offer multiple concurrent events that integrate exhibitions, forums, new product launches, and awards ceremonies, among others, to gather more industry resources, share business opportunities, and promote trade development.

Exhibition Scope:
  1. Indoor playgrounds: adult video games, simulators, lottery machines, claw machines, gift machines, basketball machines, karaoke machines, parent-child playgrounds, capsule machines, electric cars, swings, blind box machines, card machines, bouncy castles, DIY, building blocks, animation peripherals, indoor playground management systems, payment systems, coin-operated machines, and disinfection machines.

  2. Theme parks: roller coasters, Ferris wheels, track racing, self-controlled amusement equipment, dark rides, specialized film and television equipment, non-powered amusement equipment, water amusement facilities, inflatable amusement equipment, jungle climbing, pet playgrounds, adventure training, parade performances, planning and design, and engineering construction.

  3. Scenic area equipment: scenic spot water and land transportation and sightseeing facilities, scenic spot residential/leisure facilities, scenic spot public health, landscape lighting, commercial/sports facilities, tourist systems, ticket systems, and scenic area internet-famous amusement facilities.

  4. Cultural tourism:
    ◆ Cultural and tourist technology: cultural and tourist technology equipment, interactive multimedia, digital media technology, holographic projection, dome, flying cinema, immersive cinema, among others.
    ◆ Smart tourism: ticket management system, integrated analysis of tourism big data, next-generation communication technology, the application of new information technology, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, self-service navigation, tourist warning, scenic spot service system, among others.
    ◆ Night tours and performances: live-action performances, tourism performances, float parade, magic performances, sound, light and electronic technology equipment, music fountain, water curtain laser, stage lighting show, immersive lighting show, holographic image, among others.
    ◆ Cultural and creative consumption: cultural and creative tourism products, animation/cultural tourism IP authorized products, cultural and creative secondary consumption products, tourist goods, gift toys and souvenirs, handmade crafts, among others.
    ◆ Supporting services: cultural tourism project investment/development/operation/management; brand project promotion, investment and cooperation display; planning and design, engineering packaging and construction for cultural tourism projects, cultural tourism real estate, rural tourism, resorts, and characteristic towns. The expo also offers programming, project management, and education and training institutions.

Proposed Concurrent Events:
2023 World Cultural Tourism Industry Expo Opening Ceremony
2023 World Cultural Tourism Forum Main Forum
2023 China Indoor Amusement Park Development Conference and 2023 Joy Festival
2023 Hot Springs Tourism and Water Park Innovation Development Forum
2023 China Indoor Amusement Park Operations Conference and 2023 "WO Fun" Envelope Meeting
2023 Global Swimming Pool and SPA Industry Development Summit Forum
2023 Future Scenic Spot Innovation and Development Forum, Scenic Spot Demand Release and Business Model Docking Meeting
2023 Indoor Sports Playground Development Conference
2023 China (Guangzhou) Study Trip Camp Development Summit Forum
2023 Digital Sports Development Summit Forum
2023 Digital Intelligent Swimming Venue Summit Forum
2023 Tank Award- Swimming Pool, Hot Springs and Water Park TOP10 Creative Design and TOP10 Engineering Cases Award Ceremony

Target Audience

  1. Provincial Cultural and Tourism Departments, Municipal Cultural and Tourism Bureaus, Government Cultural and Tourism Supervisory Units, Industry Supervisory Associations, and Industry Related Organizations;
  2. Large Cultural and Tourism Groups, Cultural and Tourism Investment Institutions, Tourist Attractions Developers, Real Estate Developers, and Operators; 3.5A/4A Vacation Resorts, National Scenic Spots, Red Tourism Attractions, National Forest Parks, World Natural Heritage Sites, World Cultural Landscapes, World (National) Geological Parks, Ancient Town Tourist Development Areas, Mountain Leisure Vacation Areas;
  3. Theme Parks, Ecological Parks, Urban Parks, Garden Hot Springs/Lake Tourism Vacation Areas, Ecological Nature Reserves; 5.Museums, Exhibition Halls, Science and Technology Museums, Ocean Halls, Memorial Halls, Film and Television Bases, Theme Industrial Parks;
  4. Car Camps, Industrial Tourism Demonstration Areas/Spots, Yacht Clubs, Theme Hotels and Leisure Clubs;
  5. Coastal Tourism Vacation Areas, Golf Courses, Urban Commercial Blocks (Squares), Art Space Development and Operation Operators;
  6. Rural Complexes, Leisure Agriculture Parks, Rural Tourist Attractions, Health and Wellness Bases;
  7. All kinds of amusement equipment, game machine dealers, investors in indoor amusement parks, buyers of sports fields, stadiums, etc.;
  8. All kinds of cultural and tourism investment institutions, education and training institutions, industry media, etc. 

◆ The domestic and foreign customer service department will invite target audiences through phone calls, text messages, emails, faxes, Weibo, WeChat, APPs, mini-programs, self-media, magazines, and other ways.
◆ The organizing committee will release information about the exhibition through more than 300 popular media, online media, and professional media outlets to attract buyers to the exhibition.
◆ The organizing committee will send invitations, tickets, newsletters, and other materials to targeted buyers, totaling 1 million pieces/sets.
◆ At similar exhibitions and related forums both domestically and internationally, the organizing committee will introduce the exhibition information to attract more industry professionals.
◆ The organizing committee will hold press conferences to release exhibition information globally, expanding the expo's influence domestically and abroad.

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