What made the restaurant owner switch to the children's business?
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What Made the Restaurant Owner Switch to the Children's Business?

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Author : Mowdud Abdullah
Update time : 2023-05-30 22:28:50

The Guangzhou amusement equipment exhibition held in March showcased the post-epidemic enthusiasm among investors, which was further confirmed at the China Franchise Exhibition.
A noteworthy phenomenon observed at these exhibitions was the significant number of bosses who had initially planned to invest in the catering industry but instead redirected their investments toward the children's industry. What could be the reason behind this shift?
First and foremost, data released by the China Children's Industry Center revealed that in 80% of families, children's expenditures accounted for more than 30% of the total household expenses. The overall scale of the children's consumer market exceeds 4 trillion yuan annually, with the children's entertainment consumer market alone surpassing 460 billion yuan. The size of the children's market is enormous, and there is a growing demand for child-centered offline experiences, making it a rapidly expanding consumer force.

Catering and children's businesses are two essential components of shopping centers, and among them, children's entertainment venues have shown exceptional resilience and recovery following the pandemic. This demonstrates the remarkable ability of the children's consumption industry to withstand economic shocks.
Many food and beverage entrepreneurs had limited knowledge about the children's industry. However, they recognized that incorporating children's experiential formats in shopping centers would attract foot traffic. The concept of "1 child drags 2 or even 4" to the shopping center serves as a real catalyst for footfall. During the exhibition, numerous restaurant owners engaged in discussions with indoor playground researchers and discovered that the child experience industry is highly profitable, potentially even surpassing the gross profits of the catering industry.

Based on these findings, a considerable number of restaurant owners have begun shifting their focus toward the children's industry. Following the Beijing Franchise Exhibition on May 28, over 30 investors visited the Wanda Group headquarters from the exhibition hall at the National Convention Center. They engaged in detailed discussions concerning the setup, operations, and marketing management of children's indoor playgrounds. After the meeting, Wanda Group leaders had extensive communication sessions with the investors.
Wanda Group has always been committed to generating profits for investors while striving to become a premier brand through comprehensive and effective operations.
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